FOX 38 FLOAT 29, PS 170 GRIP, 15×110, 44, 1,5T black, 22

129.690 rsd

Suitable for bikes with rim size: 29″
Series: Performance
Downtube diameter: 38mm Black
Stroke: 170mm
Rake: 44mm
Cartridge: FIT GRIP
Axle: floating QR 15x110mm
Suitable for bikes with main tube diameter: 1-1/8 – 1-1/ 2 (tapered)
Fork adjustment: Air adjustment of SAG, rebound and compression adjustment (3 levels)
Spring type: FLOAT EVOL (Progressivity adjustment option.)
Lower fork legs made of light but very durable magnesium
Brakes: disc brakes ( post mount mounting method)
Max diameter of brake rotors: 200mm
Color: black

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The brand new Float 38 fork sets new suspension standards in the enduro category! The 38-millimeter downtubes offer hitherto unimaginable stiffness and the associated handling of the bike. In combination with an elliptical steering tube, new lower legs, an upgraded GRIP2 (Factory series only) or GRIP or FIT4 cartridge and of course the new graphic image represents the holy grail of Endura!

The fork is equipped with a new 15mm boost floating axle (15mm QR x 110mm), which provides even higher stiffness and consequently reduces friction during the suspension itself. The 38 millimeter immersion tubes are additionally treated with a durable and extremely smooth Kashima coating (FACTORY series only). This, in cooperation with the Float EVOL air spring, ensures extremely responsive operation, which, in combination with the air channel in the lower legs of the fork, offers incredibly soft operation already in the first part of the stroke. The air channel also ensures constant lubrication of the entire suspension system, so the fork stays „fresh“ for a long time. The whole package is completed by the famous GRIP2 cartridge, which is the most desired among enduro and dh riders. The reason is the quality of operation and adaptability to individual wishes. This year, the cartridge has been upgraded with patented VVC technology, which provides an unprecedented possibility of ˝on the fly˝ settings via four external settings. Adding to the i is the buttons, which until now have only been seen on Fox Float 40, DH forks and offer the possibility of equalizing atmospheric pressure due to altitude or temperature differences.

Floating axle – FLOATING AXLE

The new „floating“ axle mounting and the new 15mm fork axle innovatively solves the mounting of the front wheel. The result is greater stiffness and reduces the friction of the fork itself.

On the right leg, there is a „floating“ spacer with which the distance of the width of the hub, which we want to mount in the fork, can be precisely pre-set, thus achieving maximum rigidity of mounting. This prevents twisting of the legs and, as a result, unwanted greater friction between the lower and lower legs of the fork. The fork is equipped as standard with an axle that allows the front wheel to be clamped without the use of tools (QR). It is also possible to use the new Kabolt-X axle, which in addition to lower weight offers even greater torsional stiffness of the fork.

Lower leg air channel – LOWER LEG CHANNELS

When the fork is pressed (compression), the volume inside the lower legs decreases and, as a result, the air pressure increases. The more the fork is compressed, the greater the pressure. As a result, there is an unwanted increase in the progressiveness of the fork and thus the inability to utilize the entire stroke of the fork. The solution to this problem is in the new air channels, which drastically increase the amount of air in the lower legs and thus solve this problem.

Air ducts have another good feature. Lubricating oil circulates more easily throughout the inside of the lower legs and thus constantly oils the sliders and the oil ring under the anti-dust seals. The fork therefore remains „fresh“ for a long time.

Pressure equalization valve – BLEEDERS

The valves on the back of the lower legs allow equalization of the atmospheric pressure with a simple push of a button. The increase in pressure in the lower legs greatly impairs the performance of the fork. The response of the suspension to minor vibrations and the possibility of using the entire stroke of the fork are most affected.

Bridge of the lower legs – LOWER LEG ARCH

Stiffness to weight is the ultimate benchmark in the cycling industry. Engineers spend countless hours trying to find the right ratio. The new fork bridge is the result of such research, as the bridge is even stronger with a lower weight. The engineers did not forget the modern cycling trends, which require the use of wider tire dimensions and more massive head frames (mainly carbon ones).

Elliptical steering tube – ELLIPTICAL STEERER

An elliptical steering tube is one of many solutions to optimize stiffness to weight. This solution is used for the first time and only on the Float 38 fork.

GRIP cartridge

The Fit GRIP cartridge is designed to be ventilated all the time during operation, thus maintaining the highest level of performance at all times. The cartridge allows adjustment of rebound and compression speed, as well as micro-adjustment of compression between each of the three levels.

Air spring – Float EVOL

The Float EVOL air spring has a large negative chamber, which improves the response of the fork in 1/3 of the stroke, thus reducing vibrations and contributing to greater riding comfort.

The Float EVOL air spring allows the use of air spacers with which you can change the volume of the positive air chamber. This also changes the performance of the suspension. The change in the volume of the air chamber affects the performance of the suspension in the second half of the stroke.

PROBLEM: With the correct SAG setting, you use the entire stroke too quickly and often „bottom out“ the fork.

SOLUTION: Insert more spacers to make the suspension more progressive and therefore work better.

PROBLEM: With correct SAG setting, you are not getting the full stroke.

SOLUTION: Remove the spacers and you will use the full stroke. As a result, the suspension will perform better.

The performance of the EVOL air spring in combination with the air channels and the pressure equalization button in the lower legs is even improved!


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